Malayalam Full Length Movie | Kakkakuyil 2001 | Malayalam Comedy Full Movie 2016 | Mohanlal

Sivaraman (Mohanlal), an unemployed man, comes to Mumbai to find a job. Unfortunately he loses all his certificates but happens to find Govindan Kutty (Mukesh), who also is a jobless man (from Sivaraman’s native place) wandering in Mumbai. They try to get visa from a travel agency but finds no way to gather such massive amount. Govindan Kutty persuades Sivaraman to participate in a bank robbery planned by Thomas (Cochin Haneefa) and his gang – his stammering brother Tyootty (Jagadish) and Alina (Sucheta Khanna) (who pretends to be Thomas’ lover) – which puts them in more trouble as the robbery ends in vain when they hit Pothuval (Innocent). Alina secretly informs the police about the robbery and tells that the entire plan was carried out by Thomas. Thomas, before getting arrested, hides the money, and the place is kept secret except to his lawyer, Nambeeshan (Jagathy Sreekumar). Alina fakes to be in love with Nambeeshan to find the place where the money is hidden.

click here to watch /  click here to download


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